Improving Life Skills in Students

Improving Life Skills in StudentsImproving Life Skills in Students

A recent survey by the Ministry of Science Research and Technology says that 65% of university students “don’t have a positive vision of their future while 70% are interested in their field of study,” said Seyed Abolhassan Riazi, a senior official of the ministry’s Student Affairs Organization.

The survey included 33,000 students in 71 state-run universities across the country. It  indicated that 17% of students smoke hookah and 15% are regular cigarette smokers, IRNA reported.  Further, 23% said they give no time for physical activity in their daily routine.

“The surveys allow us to plan and evaluate our programs. For example, we have recently added a new course to university programs with an aim to improve students’ life skills after we realized that they don’t understand nor use the skills,” he added.