Philadelphia Introduces Soda Tax

Philadelphia Introduces Soda TaxPhiladelphia Introduces Soda Tax

Philadelphia has introduced a levy on carbonated sugary drinks, despite a multimillion-dollar campaign by the beverage industry to block it. It will become the first major US city to implement a so-called “soda tax”, which supporters say will improve the health of 1.5 million residents. But opponents say it will hurt small businesses and poorer people. The measure will come into force in January and is expected to raise $90m (£63m) next year, CNN reports. The city’s Democrat mayor, Jim Kenney, says the tax revenue will be spent on pre-nursery and community schools, and recreation centers. The tax will be set at about 35 pence per liter. Distributors will be required to pay it on all sugary or artificially sweetened drinks. “Soda tax” proposals have failed in more than 30 states and the only other city in the US with a similar tax is Berkeley in California.