Father of Iran Genetics Dies

Father of Iran Genetics DiesFather of Iran Genetics Dies

Father of Iran’s genetics science Professor Mohammad Ali Molavi passed away on Sunday at the age of 95.

He died of pancreatic cancer at Imam Reza Hospital in the city of Kermanshah in western Iran, ILNA reported.

Born in Tabriz in 1921, Molavi introduced the science of genetics for the first time in Iran in 1932 and taught the subject for 30 years at Tehran University of Medical Sciences without charging a fee.

In 1964, he was funded by the World Health Organization to pass a month-long course in the US, after which he became a member of the WHO’s expert advisory panel on human genetics.

He was also commemorated at the 8th round of a festival titled “Luminaries of Iran” in 2011 in Tehran. Molavi was the founder of three department for genetic sciences at the specialized Shahid Akbarbadi Medical and Educational Center in Tehran.Molavi authored hundreds of articles and trained thousands of students during his fruitful lifetime.