High Divorce Rates Trigger Joint Study

High Divorce Rates Trigger Joint StudyHigh Divorce Rates Trigger Joint Study

The National Organization for Civil Registration (NOCR) and the State Organization for Registration of Deeds and Properties have launched a joint study “to find the main reasons for the increasing rate of divorce in Iran.”

More than 75,000 divorces were registered in the six months ending September 22; statistics also revealed a much higher divorce rate in cities compared to towns and villages.

Drug addiction is believed to be one of the main reasons for divorce.

“Addicts conceal their condition before marriage in several ways. Sometimes lab tests cannot accurately confirm that a person is a drug user. Expecting an addict to have a high sense of ethics to avoid marriage and ruin another person’s life is far-fetched,” IRNA quoted Ali Akbar Mahzoun, head of NOCR as saying.

 Low Recovery

“While addiction is thought to be a major cause of divorce in Iran, statistics show only 20 percent of addicts recover and the rest are very likely to reuse drugs,” said Babak Dinparast, deputy at the Drug Control Headquarters.

Divorce and related problems could preoccupy children’s mind and adversely affect their concentration. “Parents should not blame children for poor school performance.

 They should increase the emotional support to reduce the risk of their children’s vulnerability to social abuse. Also school teachers should be informed, as it could help them empathize with the kids of divorced families and understand their plight, according to Esmaeilian, a psychologist.

She also urged divorced couples to seek professional help to reduce the impact of estrangement on their children.