No Threat of Zika in Iran

No Threat of Zika in IranNo Threat of Zika in Iran

Ahead of the 2016 Summer Olympics to be held in Rio de Janeiro Brazil from Aug 5-21, the Health Ministry has reassured that there is no risk of Zika in Iran. “Iran does not have the species of the mosquito that carries the virus, nor does it have the environment for its growth. Since three years ago we have been surveying the southeastern areas of the country for the Aedes mosquito, but have not found this vector,” said Mahmoud Nabavi, deputy head of the ministry’s Center for Contagious Diseases. “Athletes will be educated on the mosquito that carries the virus and self-care strategies before setting out,” he said. The contestants will also be supplied with insect repellent sprays and creams. Allaying concerns over a Zika-borne endemic in the country, Nabavi said those who show symptoms will be tested on return.