Seminar on Alcohol Abuse

Seminar on Alcohol AbuseSeminar on Alcohol Abuse

An estimated 60 million liters of alcohol is consumed in the country annually, Mohammad-Reza Qadirzadeh, head of Addiction and Substances Abuse Research Center at the Iranian Legal Medicine Organization (ILMO) said.  “Most of the alcoholic drinks made clandestinely and sold illegally, are found to contain harmful substances including drugs such as tramadol, diazepam and methadone,” IRNA quoted him as saying.

“The alcohol content in the drinks is also very high which can lead to alcohol poisoning,” he said on the sidelines of a seminar on alcohol abuse and addiction, held in Tehran on Wednesday.

According to ILMO’s latest survey, three provinces of Tehran, Alborz and Kermanshah have the highest rate of alcohol overconsumption cases in the country.

Experts say even moderate alcohol consumption with tramadol produces mood disorders and agitation. Alcohol was banned in Iran after the revolution in 1979.