Literacy for Afghan Refugees

Literacy for Afghan RefugeesLiteracy for Afghan Refugees

Over 680,000 refugees, mostly Afghans, have been covered by the Literacy Movement Organization, increasing the rate of literacy among them from 6% in 1985 to 62% in 2011, said LMO Head Ali Baqerzadeh. “In 2015 alone, nearly 25,000 refugees were brought under coverage, more than 78% of whom were women,” he said at a conference on “Educational Equality and Development” at Tehran’s Sharif University, Mehr News Agency reported. Around $1.8 billion has been spent on literacy programs for refugees so far. During the 2011-2015 period, a total of 52,351 refugees acquired literacy on a budget of $7.4 million. Only 6% of this amount was contributed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. “During these years, financial aid from international organizations has been less than 5% of the fiscal amount allocated by the Islamic Republic,” Baqerzadeh noted.