Reproductive Health Congress

Reproductive Health CongressReproductive Health Congress

The First International Congress on Reproductive Health and Childbearing (May 18-20) is underway at Tehran’s Razi Conference Hall. “The Iranian population (currently 80 million) is aging and soon the gray population will comprise a larger segment,” because the population growth rate and the total fertility rate has decreased over the years, said Seyed Javad Haji Miresmaeil, head of the congress at the opening ceremony on Wednesday, IRNA reported. Organized by the Iranian Society of Embryology and Reproductive Biology (ISERB), it aims to develop the culture of research and innovation in the field of reproductive health and create opportunities for promotion of the relevant sciences. The three-day meeting will seek to also identify and introduce advancements and prepare the ground to encourage and guide the youth to perform in-depth local studies, besides fundamental and applied research, in reproductive health.