Drug Addiction Rising Among Women

Drug Addiction Rising Among WomenDrug Addiction Rising Among Women

The deputy head of the Iranian Drug Control Headquarters has warned against the growing number of female drug addicts in the country.  “The number of women drug addicts has doubled in the past two decades,” said Parviz Afshar at a recent workshop for NGOs on “Providing Social Support to Recovered Female Addicts”, IRNA reported. He did not provide details, but Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs Shahindokht Molaverdi had said last year that women addicts comprise 10% of the two million total drug addicts.Noting that  many of the women are enticed initially through advertisements of weight loss drugs on satellite TV and sports complexes, he called on the government to deal with the issue on a priority basis.

Despite efforts by the Law Enforcement Forces, drug trafficking still remains a serious challenge in the country.