ACECR Chief: Research Budget Meager

ACECR Chief: Research Budget MeagerACECR Chief: Research Budget Meager

The head of the Academic Center for Education Culture and Research (ACECR) has criticized the budget allocation for research “as meager and inappropriate” and said it constitutes “only between 0.8 to 0.9%.”

Dr. Hamidreza Tayyebi, speaking with ISNA, emphasized the need to increase the budget for research and said funds should be granted to universities and other academic and research centers in a ‘mission-specific manner’ so that parallel projects and activities as in the past do not occur.”

He noted that the ACECR programs are designed in line with the targeted aims and policies of Vision 2025 and stated “we aim to establish a pole of science and technology from one of our programs in the areas of cancer treatment, electronic engineering, agriculture, and medicine every three years.”

Elaborating, he said a pole of science and technology means that the activity should be based on solid foundation so that it can be presented at the international level; it should be able to compete in quality with the best in national and international academic communities while serving the interests of the country.

 Project Funding

Tayyebi said efforts are underway at ACECR to provide funding for research activities from various sources. Fortunately, by adopting a practical view, the center has been able to finance research projects and guide them ‘in a functional direction’ and to define their commercial purposes as well.

He highlighted scientific conferences for exchanging new findings and ideas among experts, researchers, and scientists and added: “One of the major ACECR strategies is to hold conferences and present achievements such as advances in dealing with breast cancer.” The Breast Cancer Research Center is to be established within 3 years, he said.

“The project is underway and we intend to move towards solving patients’ problems, especially women, by finding the right place and funding for the center to be launched as another ACECR brand in the country’s medical services,” Tayyebi concluded.