Implementing NCD Document

Implementing NCD DocumentImplementing NCD Document

The amount of salt in all types of Iranian bread or ‘nan’ has been reduced from the previous 2.3% to 1%, said Ahmad Kousha, head of the Health Ministry’s Office for Non-Communicable Diseases, on the sidelines of the national meeting of health deputies of medical sciences universities, held May 15-16.

Reducing sugar in fizzy drinks to 10%, ban on junk food advertising on TV, and increasing tobacco taxation, are among other measures taken to implement the national document on prevention of NCDs which was introduced in October 2015, he said, ISNA reported.   

The document aims to reduce premature mortality from NCDs by 25% before 2025.

In Iran, 70-75% of all premature deaths are due to NCDs and traffic accidents, and 40% of deaths are a direct result of cardiovascular diseases.