Medical Social Worker Program Underway

Medical Social Worker Program UnderwayMedical Social Worker Program Underway

The Health Ministry’s ‘Health Social Worker’ project is being piloted in 11 hospitals across the country in cooperation with the Iranian Red Crescent Society, said Farahnaz Rafe, IRCS deputy for volunteer affairs. “The program employs 1,500 IRCS volunteers who are trained in specialized health areas and will act as a link between medical professionals and patients by providing support services,” she said, IRNA reported. Noting that medical social workers are provided by hospitals in the US, by the church in the UK, and by hiring paid staff in countries like Germany, Singapore, and India, Rafe said lack of such a link in the healthcare system prompted the two sides to sign MoUs last year.

The program began in the Crescent Week (May 7-13) in provinces of Golestan, Isfahan, Fars, Khuzestan, East Azarbaijan, Tehran and Alborz.