Charity Essential for Prisoners’ Release

Charity Essential for Prisoners’ ReleaseCharity Essential for Prisoners’ Release

More than $160 million is required to release those languishing in prisons for “inadvertent or unintentional crimes” (8000 prisoners), according to head of the National Compensation Committee Asadollah Julaee.

From July 1990 to August 2014, more than 85,000 people held in prisons “for involuntary or unintentional crimes”, were released with the help of philanthropists.

He also pointed to the ‘One Mosque, One Prison Relief’ plan under which philanthropists in each mosque save cash donations to help release the prisoners. He said 10 Tehrani prisoners were released with the help of donations from 6 people during March (Nowruz or New Year).

One of the most common reasons for unintentional crimes is lack of public attention to the law; for example driving without a license. Also illiteracy triggers offenses and “as illiterate people do not understand written documents they may sign them without knowing the contents,” he said.

 Public Awareness

Funding has been provided recently to release 475 prisoners, but still more donations should be forthcoming, he stressed.

Julaee urged the media to increase awareness on the country’s laws and help prevent people from getting imprisoned “due to their inadvertent crimes.” All drivers should know that carrying valid driver’s license and insurance document is essential. “Fortunately with new measures by the police, the rate of traffic violations has declined significantly in recent years.”

Given that “the prisoners are not really criminals or swindlers,” keeping them in prisons can have adverse psychological impact; also their families will face severe financial problems. Therefore people’s charity is essential for their freedom, he added.