Herbal Medicine Capacity High

Herbal Medicine Capacity HighHerbal Medicine Capacity High

The Gilan University of Medical Science has plans to turn Gilan Province into a hub for Iran’s herbal medicine production, said Chancellor Shahrokh Yusofzadeh Chabok.

“Given the diversity in fauna and flora and existing capacity, the province has the potential to become the top supplier of herbal medicines in the country,” he said at a recent meeting of the university’s herbal medicine workgroup, ILNA reported. Currently, the project is in the feasibility study phase, and discussions are on with the Agriculture Ministry, the provincial office of the Forests, Range and Watershed Management Organization, and governorate in this regard. Iran ranks 60th in the world in terms of producing herbal plants, but is determined to rise to the 12th place as per the 2025 Vision Plan, according to the head of the Iranian Medicinal Plants Society Mohammad Baqer Rezaei.