Kahrizak Charity Funding

Kahrizak Charity FundingKahrizak Charity Funding

Over 85% of the Kahrizak Charity Foundation’s funds come from donations and contributions from philanthropists, said its head Hassan Ahmadi.  

The State Welfare Organization and the Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation contribute $145 and $17 respectively “for each individual at the center,” IRNA quoted him as saying.   The foundation spends $350,000 annually on buying clothes for the elderly and pays insurance premium for its 1,500 employees, he said.

Kahrizak is a private, non-governmental, non-profit, charitable organization in Tehran, where more than 1,750 physically handicapped or elderly individuals with no financial support are cared for, free of charge. Its campus on 420,000 sq m of land has 22 separate units for male and female residents.