Varamin Farmers Produce Rosewater

Varamin Farmers Produce Rosewater  Varamin Farmers Produce Rosewater

Varamin County, in the southeast of Tehran, has become the new center for cultivating roses and rosewater production.

Although Varamin is known for products such as vegetables and grains, in recent years, the city has been successfully producing medicinal oils and herbal extracts, reportedly 50 different kinds, which show good future prospects, Mehr News Agency reported.

Farmers in the city have started cultivating roses in one hectare of arable land, from which they have produced more than 1,500 liters of rosewater.

Every year in the season for picking roses and preparing rosewater (from early May to mid June), Mohammadabad-e-Arabha village in Varamin turns into a center for enthusiasts to witness the process of rosewater production; this represents the great agricultural capacities of the area. “The climate in Varamin is suitable for rose cultivation so more farmers can invest in this field as it is both profitable and can contribute to the local economy,” Hassan Ahmadi, an agriculture expert said. Kashan, in Isfahan Province is the main center for cultivation of roses and rosewater production in Iran.