Special Bill for Working Women Passed

Special Bill for Working Women PassedSpecial Bill for Working Women Passed

The bill to reduce working hours for women under “special circumstances” was passed in an open session of the Majlis on Tuesday.

The general outlines of the bill, proposed initially by the Vice Presidency for Family and Women Affairs in the former government, was previously passed in February with 115 votes in favor among the 196 MPs present out of the total 290, ISNA reported.

The bill will allow working women who have kids under 6 years of age or children or spouses suffering from severe disability or rare disease, and breadwinners, who are officially employed or on contract, or commissioned in government and non-governmental sectors, to work 36 hours a week for the same salary and benefits of full-time 44-hour-job per week.

The bill strictly stipulates that such women are not to be laid off, transferred, or replaced by employees.