Vitamin Supplements in Edible Oils

Vitamin Supplements in Edible OilsVitamin Supplements in Edible Oils

All edible oils in the market will be supplemented with vitamins A and D from this year (started March 20).

 “Flour will also have vitamin D in the second part of our plan to fortify essential food products,” said Dr Zahra Abdollahi, head of the Nutrition Improvement Office at the Health Ministry.

Given that poor nutrition is the main risk factor in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including diabetes and different types of cancers, the ministry’s goal “is to increase people’s vitamin intake by adding micronutrients to processed foods,” ISNA quoted her as saying.

Stressing that vitamin D is vital for bone health and plays an important role in organ functions, she said “Most vitamin D is generated in the body by exposure to sunlight, and limited amount is added by food products.”

Despite the presence of abundant sunshine in Iran, vitamin D deficiency is common in urban areas primarily due to air pollution which blocks sunlight, and the unhealthy lifestyles of the vast majority.

As some lifestyles are unlikely to be reversed, and foods naturally containing vitamin D are not widely consumed, so fortification of food products may raise people’s intake of the vitamin.

Previous studies conducted in the field reveal that the prevalence of osteoporosis and osteopenia among Iranians aged 50 years or older is 22.2% and 59.9% in women and 11% and 50% in men, respectively. Among those under 50, 33% of women and 31.6% of men have reduced bone mass.

Adequate calcium and vitamin D intake is important to maintain bone density and prevent brittleness.

Vitamin A is also critical for good vision and plays an important role in healthy bone growth.