Health Official in Abidjan

Health Official in AbidjanHealth Official in Abidjan

In a meeting between between director-general of the Health Ministry’s Department for International Affairs Mohsen Assadi Lari and Ivorian Foreign Minister Albert Toikeusse Mabri in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast last week, the two sides discussed ways to further broaden mutual relations in fields of medicine, healthcare and public hygiene. Appraising Iran’s progress in medicine and treatment, Mabri called for using Iran’s capacities to develop the pharmaceutical and medical equipment sectors in the West African country, IRNA reported. “Modeling Ivory Coast’s healthcare system after Iran’s was on my agenda when I served as health minister, but it did not happen as my post changed,” he said. Assadi Lari said Tehran is ready to share its experiences with Ivory Coast in treatment and health sectors.