Students Spreading Health Message

Students Spreading Health MessageStudents Spreading Health Message

There are nearly 14 million students in the country, who on average, belong to a 3-4 member household. If their awareness can be raised on various health issues, they in turn can educate their family members on important aspects of public health, says Education Minister Ali Asghar Fani.

“We can indirectly educate in this way more than half the country’s population, currently estimated at around 80 million people,” he said, referring to the memorandum of understanding signed in 2014 between the health and education ministries for implementing the program ‘Health Ambassadors’, the Persian language weekly ‘Salamat’ reported.

The program is underway since the past two years and so far 500 students in the 10th grade have each received 16 hours of health training, including self-care, healthy nutrition and lifestyle practices, dealing with stress, and anger management.

According to the Health Ministry, from the start of this school year in September 23, a higher number of students in all grades will receive health training.

Based on the program, three students are chosen from each classroom, and they in turn take responsibility to impart knowledge to their classmates.

According to figures released by the Health Ministry, one of the most common health problems among Iranian students is obesity which can increase the risk for many serious diseases and health conditions in adulthood. Also, currently 60-65% of the population is overweight.

On an average, each Iranian consumes 35% excess calories per day; but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are getting more nutrients.