Empowering Female Breadwinners

Empowering Female BreadwinnersEmpowering Female Breadwinners

The need to provide comprehensive support for female breadwinners and those vulnerable to social harm was reiterated as a priority of the government, at a Cabinet session chaired by First Vice President Eshaq Jahangiri on Sunday.

A report on women’s issues was presented to the Cabinet by the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs, IRNA reported. The comprehensive report included problems afflicting women, evaluation of the state body’s performance in pertinent areas, and women’s needs and demands.

Creating proper grounds for education, opportunities in the job market, social security, and legal support were among the items highlighted at the meeting.

The Women Empowerment Policy Package proposed by the Vice Presidency for Women and Family Affairs was sent to the Cabinet’s Social Affairs Commission for “a thorough study and assessment.”