Second Zika Case in Russia

Second Zika Case in RussiaSecond Zika Case in Russia

More than three million people have been examined in Russia and a total of 201 people with symptoms of infectious diseases have been recorded so far, of whom 39 have been examined for the presence of the Zika virus, said Anna Popova, director of the Russian consumer rights watchdog (Rospotrebnadzor) and Russia’s chief epidemiologist. “As of now, two (Zika) cases have been confirmed,” she was quoted as saying by the website The second person diagnosed with the Zika virus is a tourist who recently visited the Dominican Republic, Popova said. All necessary anti-epidemic measures have been taken, she said. The first person diagnosed with the Zika virus in Russia in February this year was a woman living in Moscow, who spent her holidays in the Dominican Republic. On her return, she developed symptoms such as high fever and a skin rash and was admitted to an infectious diseases hospital.