Reducing High Calorie Intake

Reducing High Calorie IntakeReducing High Calorie Intake

The total calorie intake by Iranians can be reduced by decreasing fat, sugar and salt amount in food products, the Food and Drug Administration’s main goal in the current year, said Behrouz Jannat, director general of inspection and supervision at the FDA. According to the Health Ministry, on an average, each Iranian consumes 35% excess calories per day, and this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are getting more nutrients, IRNA reported. Last year (ended March 19), the FDA banned imported juices with high sugar content. The administration also has plans to reduce permissible levels of added sugars in soda and other sweetened carbonated beverages to 9% from the current 11%. High caloric foods are high in fats and sugars and excess intake of these types of foods increase risk factors for type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancers.