Medical Insurance for Refugees

Medical Insurance for Refugees  Medical Insurance for Refugees

More than 100,000 refugees, mostly Afghans, residing in Iran are covered by medical  insurance, said Siavash Zolnoorian, deputy director-general of the Bureau of Aliens and Foreign Immigrants Affairs at the Interior Ministry.

The scheme was implemented over a period of six months in the past Iranian year (ended March 19), he told IRNA in Shiraz, the capital of Fars Province.

Efforts are underway to extend the scheme for another three months in the new fiscal year.

He said half the insurance costs are paid by the government, a portion by the UN refugee agency and the rest by the insured. Refugees with special cases or suffering from major ailments are given full free insurance cover and 650 people are currently benefiting under it, Zolnoorian said.

Vulnerable groups such as unprotected women, orphans, the elderly, and families with children under 18 years, have to pay 25% of their insurance premium.

The official said that about 1.5 million refugees with valid residence permits are eligible for health insurance and the government is trying to extend the coverage for them.