Drunk Driving Alarming

Drunk Driving AlarmingDrunk Driving Alarming

Tehran Police arrested 2,900 drunk drivers last year (ended March 19), a top official said Tuesday, describing the figures as “alarming.” Tehran prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi claimed that drunken driving “has increased dramatically” as per cases recorded at the judiciary, ISNA reported.

Alcohol is banned in Iran and those who break the law can be fined, lashed or serve prison time. However, it is smuggled into the country from neighboring states.  The disconcerting figures need “analysis and appropriate action”, Dolatabadi stressed, calling on courts to “adopt proper measures against such offenses.” According to official figures, there are 200,000 alcoholics in Iran.  In recent years police have used breath tests in roadside checks only to realize the gravity of the situation. The fine for offenders has also been doubled from 2 million rials (around $60) to four million, making it the highest penalty in the country. Deputy health minister Ali Akbar Sayyari had earlier been quoted as saying that the rate of alcohol consumption in the country is as high as 420 million liters per year.