Medical Cybernetics in Varsities

Medical Cybernetics in VarsitiesMedical Cybernetics in Varsities

The interdisciplinary field of medical cybernetics is to be launched in Iranian universities in February 2017, said Dr. Habib Kovari, an official at Tehran’s University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences, and the course innovator.

“Medical cybernetics will provide a common ground for students of medicine and engineering to work in cooperation and to come to a shared understanding of mechanisms of the human body,” he said, IRNA reported.

Graduates of the field would be adept technicians in designing and development of sensitive medical machinery and bioinformatics equipment such as MRI, FMRI, medical analysis systems, LASERs, and surgeon robots.

Iran ranks fourth in the world to tap into the young discipline after the US, UK, and Finland.