Iranian Researcher Designs ‘HIV Microchip’

Iranian Researcher Designs ‘HIV Microchip’Iranian Researcher Designs ‘HIV Microchip’

An Iranian researcher at Harvard University has designed and built a microchip which is able to diagnose AIDS in all stages in less than 30 minutes by counting HIV viruses, MNA reported.

Dr. Hadi Shafiee who recently travelled to Iran, said his research “is a candidate for the Harvard University award,” during his visit to the country’s top universities.

Recently, lots of studies have been conducted with the aim to build an inexpensive device for immediate diagnosis of infectious diseases especially AIDS, since affected patients who are unaware of their status can spread the virus to other people.

The designed chip can count the number of HIV viruses just by using a drop of the infected person’s blood and placing it on a paper-made microchip.

The microchip can diagnose the disease in all stages even during the ‘window period’ when there are no apparent clinical symptoms, and antibody level in the blood is not enough to be measured by laboratory tests.

Shafiee’s design is among three top candidates for the award.