Services for EB Patients

Services for EB PatientsServices for EB Patients

Health files for 400 EB (Epidermolysis bullosa) patients have been opened at the EB Health House in Tehran. Opened in June 2015, the specialized health house is managed by the Tehran-based Iran University of Medical Sciences and is equipped to provide patients with free medical services including continuous supply of the costly special dressing materials and medicines, as well as diagnosis, control and prognosis free of charge by specialists, IRNA reported. The establishment of the health house follows a directive from Health Minister Hassan Ghazizadeh Hashemi whose ministry is pursuing the problems of EB patients and is determined to alleviate their plight. EB is a group of inherited connective tissue diseases that cause blisters in the skin and mucosal membranes. The prevalence is approximately 8 per million and the incidence 19 per million live births. It is estimated that 500 people suffer from EB in Iran.