WFNS Symposium

WFNS Symposium WFNS Symposium

More than 720 top neurosurgeons from 80 countries will attend the 5th symposium of the World Federation of the Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) to be held April 18-23 in Tehran, said Alireza Daliri, executive secretary of the symposium on Sunday. “Various subjects, including periodontal psychiatry and psychology, new techniques in radiotherapy and oncology, new methods in reconstructive surgery and nuclear medicine will be discussed by some of the world’s most eminent scholars in the field,” IRNA quoted him as saying. In 2014, Professor Majid Samii, the Germany-based distinguished Iranian neurosurgeon and medical scientist, requested the WFNS to hold the 2016 symposium in Iran. He is chairing the symposium.