Honest Street Sweeper Returns Briefcase

Honest Street Sweeper Returns BriefcaseHonest Street Sweeper Returns Briefcase

A street sweeper of Kouhsar city, Savojbolagh County in Alborz Province, showed an example of honesty after he returned to the owner a lost briefcase containing the equivalent of $290,000.

This is the second time that Rasoul Noori who has worked as a street cleaner for 10 years at Kuhsar’s Municipality finds a wallet on the street and returns it to the owner, IRNA reported.  

A few years ago, Noori who earns a monthly salary of $290, found a bag containing thousand dollars that he returned to its owner.

“About a month ago, I found a briefcase containing large amounts of cash and check books,” he said, adding “I realized that the value of the contents of the briefcase was about $290,000.

“I believe that taking money which belongs to another person is immoral and Haram.  That was why the idea of taking the money didn’t cross my mind,” he said.

Haram refers to anything that is prohibited in the Holy Quran or would result in sin when committed by a Muslim.

I searched for one month for the owner of the briefcase before finally finding him, Noori added. A bonus of $290 was given to the worker for his honesty by the municipality. The news agency did not say anything about the owner or whether he had in any way thanked the sweeper for his efforts.