Earthquake Mitigation Group

Earthquake Mitigation GroupEarthquake Mitigation Group

A workgroup tasked with devising ways to mitigate the impacts of earthquakes in greater Tehran has been set up at the Iranian Red Crescent Society, said Seyed Amir Mohsen Ziaee, head of the IRCS. “Establishment of the workgroup is an effort to present fundamental and practical solutions in the aftermath of the natural disaster and increase the efficiency and accountability of rescue and relief efforts,” he said, Persian language daily ‘Shahrvand’ reported. Tehran is located in a high seismic zone. Seismic studies of the region shows that it is prone to moderate as well as large earthquakes. A part of Tehran’s fault line passes through the city’s north and southern regions and has ability to release seismic waves of 6-7 degree on the Richter scale.