Headache Congress

Headache CongressHeadache Congress

The prevalence rate of migraine headaches among Iranians is higher than the global average, said Mansoureh Taqa, an executive at the 23rd Congress of Neurology and Clinical Electrophysiology. A larger portion of the Iranian population suffers from tension headaches, while about 1.5 million are living with chronic ones. Nearly 10% of men and 20% women suffer from migraine. “The congress will present and discuss the latest medical achievements in the field including medical and non-medical treatment,” ILNA quoted Taqa as saying. Three foreign guests including Dr. Messoud Ashina, from the Danish Headache Center; Dr. Hossein Ansari, member of the American Headache Society, and Headache Specialist Dr. Sait Ashina will attend the event to be held May 10-13 2016 at the IRIB Conference Center in Tehran.