PIRLS 2016 Next Week

PIRLS 2016 Next WeekPIRLS 2016 Next Week

The fourth round of PIRLS Literacy Assessment will take place April 10-May 4 in Iran concurrently with 50 other countries.

PIRLS is an international comparative assessment of reading comprehension that has been monitoring trends in student achievement among more than 10,000 students at five-year intervals in countries around the world since 2001, ISNA reported. It provides internationally comparative data about how well children read after four years of primary schooling. The study will also collect data on home support for literacy, curriculum and curriculum implementation, instructional practices and school resources in each country. Although the Islamic Republic has scored lower points in all of the previous rounds, it has always shown a progressive trend. Between 2001 and 2011, Iran was placed first in the region in terms of improvement. Led by the TIMSS and PIRLS International Study Center in Boston College ion the US, the management consortium also includes and is funded by the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement.