Dental Care Scheme for Schools

Dental Care Scheme for SchoolsDental Care Scheme for Schools

As of the next academic year (begins September 23), the Health Ministry will extend the ‘fluoride varnish therapy’ scheme to high schools across the country, announced Saeed Asgari, secretary of Oral Health Council at the Health Ministry. The scheme was inaugurated at the beginning of the current academic year (started Sept. 23, 2015), and initially covered students in the 6-14 years age groups, ISNA reported. “The ministry is firm on maintaining oral health among students, and from this year, all students in both primary and high school will receive fluoride therapy twice a year,” Asgari said. Fluoride therapy protects teeth from cavities or gradual decay, re-mineralizes the tooth surface and helps treat dentine hypersensitivity. “It is our goal to prevent tooth decay from early years in life in order to significantly decrease the number of children with tooth problems in the next decade,” Asgari stressed.