No Accidents on Nature Day

No Accidents on Nature DayNo Accidents on Nature Day

This year’s National Nature Day (Friday), celebrated annually on the 13th day of the Iranian New Year, was registered as a day with no accidents in the capital city. Every year on this day, which usually falls on April 1, Iranians across the country celebrate the ancient tradition of ‘Sizdah Bedar’ by spending the day outdoors with friends and families. Each year, relief and rescue teams are on standby in case of an emergency, ISNA reported. The news agency said 1,285 emergency service teams, 250 firefighting squads, the Iranian Red Crescent Society, and the police forces were stationed at different points across Tehran for the annual occasion. However, most families stayed indoors on Friday due to heavy precipitation on April 1, marking the day as rare and incident-free in greater Tehran that is home to 13 million people.