Equal ‘Diyya’ for Road Accidents Victims

Equal ‘Diyya’ for Road Accidents VictimsEqual ‘Diyya’ for Road Accidents Victims

Iran’s Guardian Council on Monday approved legislation entitling the victims of car accidents to equal ‘diyya’ (blood money).

The legislation had been passed by lawmakers in the outgoing Maljis (parliament) before being reviewed in the Guardian Council.

“There will be no disparity between blood money for men and women in road mishaps and insurance companies have to pay equally for male and female victims,” Iraj Nadimi, member of the Majlis Economic Committee, told IRNA.

In Iran, blood money in the case of traffic accidents is covered by the mandatory Third Party Insurance, purchased by the insured (the first party) from an insurance company (the second party) for protection against claims made by another party (a third party).

Previously, the amount of blood money for women was half of that for men. The government will now be notified, and the law will be implemented after 15 days of the notification date.