NGOs Surge Eight-Fold

NGOs Surge Eight-FoldNGOs Surge Eight-Fold

The number of non-governmental organizations in Iran has seen an 800% increase since the current administration took office in 2013, said Siavash Shahrivar, head of the social affairs department at the Tehran Governorate. “Over the past 1.5 years alone, 218 NGOs were set up and are operational, and an additional 160 NGOs are currently in the process of registration,” he said, reported the online NGOs news agency

He also noted that the Iranian society “is in the transitional phase from traditional to modern” and social unity will go a long way in reducing social harm.

“NGOs are social accelerators and must be given focus, mainly because a society where NGOs are active facilitates democracy and provision of proper social services by the government.”

There are over 350 NGOs operating across Iran.