Coop. With Two German Varsities

Coop. With Two German VarsitiesCoop. With Two German Varsities

Avenues of cooperation were explored during a meeting between Ralph Stengler, Chancellor of the German Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Science and Masoud Shafiei, Chancellor of the Iranian University of Technical and Vocational Training. Shafiei was in Frankfurt, Germany to meet university officials and discuss mutual academic and scientific cooperation, including organizing joint English language courses, training of instructors of the Iranian university by German instructors and holding joint seminars. The state-run Hochschule Darmstadt University ranks fifth among the 300 German universities of applied sciences.

Shafiei also held talks with officials of Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences including vice chancellor Kiras Kastell.

Shafiei proposed holding joint courses in Iran and said his university can serve “as a regional academic center for Frankfurt University,” IRNA reported.