Mehrabad Subway Junction Opens

Mehrabad Subway Junction OpensMehrabad Subway Junction Opens

Mehrabad subway junction in southwest Tehran will be officially inaugurated on Tuesday (March 15).

“The train from Mehrabad junction can carry up to 70,000 passengers per day, and will help reduce the burden of road transport,” said Seyed Jafar Tashakori Hashemi, director of Tehran Traffic and Transportation Organization.

On January 10, the first train made a test journey through the junction. According to the PR office of Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Company, the tunnel construction process and installation of electrical equipment were completed a month back, and the 2-km line with four stations is now connected to Line 4 of the Tehran Metro at Bimeh Station, west of the capital, Mehr News Agency reported.  With the inauguration of this subway station, Iran will have 100 metro stations. The subway network carries three million commuters every day. Tehran’s domestic airport is in Mehrabad.