Keep Your Goldfish Happy

Keep Your Goldfish HappyKeep Your Goldfish Happy

This year, no common diseases have been reported from goldfish farms in the country and therefore “our goldfish are in good health,” said Amrollah Ghajari, an official at Iran’s Veterinary Organization (IVO). “However, goldfish can fall victim to parasites, bacterial infections, and fungal diseases if they are kept in improper conditions. A pet goldfish can live up to 6 to 8 years if it’s given proper care,” Alef News Agency quoted him as saying. Temperatures over 25 degrees Celsius can be extremely damaging for goldfish, he said, adding that “each small goldfish needs 2.5 liters of water.” He urged the people to avoid dumping their goldfish into the country’s lakes and rivers after the holiday. One of the items at the Haft-Seen table, an arrangement of symbolic items traditionally displayed during the New Persian Year ‘Norouz’ (starts March 20) is goldfish displayed in a bowl which represents life within life.