Hospital Networks May Come to Stay

Hospital Networks May Come to StayHospital Networks May Come to Stay

A special advisor to the minister of health announced that hospital networks can be commissioned but the precondition of ‘’economic independence’’ is necessary for such a network operation.

Dr. Davood Daneshjafari in an interview with ISNA said the presence of a ‘’board of directors’’ is one sign that such hospitals are well-funded and therefore capable of establishing networks in other provinces or even in partnership with foreign investors.

‘’This means when a hospital is successful in its services and the health ministry is also satisfied with its work, it can go ahead and establish its networks in other places,’’ he said. Daneshjafari referred to the ‘’Moheb’’ institute as an example of a hospital system that has so far established three networks. ‘’They can increase their networks to any number,’’ he added.

He mentioned ‘’coordinated quality care’’ as one salient benefit of a medical network system. Avoiding financial losses and duplication of services as well as improving quality of care are among other advantages of such networks.

 Healthy Competition

Daneshjafari also responded to concerns about the “growth and influence of mafia and special interests groups” in hospital systems saying there must be healthy competition among investors in this area. He said there would be ‘’tender offers’’ and those with the lowest bid and able to meet the standards set by the health ministry will be selected to launch public health projects.

‘’We are still in the early stages of our work; not many applicants have applied but we encourage anyone who is interested in health care investment to apply,’’ he said. He maintained that if the investors “know the terms and conditions of investment in this area, applicants will line up.’’ He urged maintaining the competitive spirit so that no ‘’favoritism’’ takes place in awarding hospital contracts.