Reproductive Health Package

Reproductive Health PackageReproductive Health Package

In a bid to encourage marriages and in line with the population policies set by the Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, a reproductive health package has been prepared by the Health Ministry in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution. “The package will be implemented in 17 sexual health clinics which will be inaugurated in the next Iranian year (starts March 20),” announced Mohammad Esmaeil Motlaq, head of Population and Family Health Office at the Health Ministry, IRNA reported. The clinics were initially planned to be opened by the end of the outgoing year, but it was postponed due to lack of infrastructure. According to official data, a majority of divorces are due to sexual dysfunction and lack of counseling and treatment centers had driven couples to seek help from non-professionals. The Health Ministry hopes to address the problem along with the issue of genetic disorders through a number of measures including establishment of the clinics.