Students Can Opt for Majors Early

Students Can Opt for Majors EarlyStudents Can Opt for Majors Early

The Education Ministry recently announced that students should declare their majors prior to the completion of their 9th grade (first grade of high school) and choose from among the five majors currently offered: mathematics, biology, humanities sciences, Kar-va-Danesh (literally, work and knowledge) and technical vocation.

“Up till now, students used to choose their major in the 10th grade, which in my opinion was a little late,” said Azim Mohebbi, director general of middle schools at the Education Ministry. Now students can focus on their field of academic interest from the beginning of high school.”

This year, there are 1 million students studying in the 9th grade and they should choose their major field of study for the next academic year (starts September 23) before the current school year ends in June, he said.

It is seen that students who opt for ‘work and knowledge’ (which offers practical skills) usually seek to enter the job market right after receiving their high school diploma, while the chances of continuing education at the higher levels after finishing high school is greater among students of technical vocation (a mix of theoretical and practical sciences), ISNA reported.

 Subject Counseling

All 9th grade teachers and school principals have been instructed to offer counseling to students to help them decide their majors. Students have time till the end of June to finalize their choice, Mohebbi said.

“We consider several factors to help students decide which major is more suitable for them. These include their academic scores, talent and interest as well as overall educational performance.”

Accordingly, it is determined by the Education Ministry which major is more appropriate for each student. However, three choices are suggested and students can choose one from among them.

The ministry is also studying the possibility now of giving students the choice to decide on their majors when they are in middle school.

Education in Iran is centralized and up to the 12th grade is supervised by the Education Ministry.

The qualifications for higher education are a high school diploma and passing the Iranian University Entrance Exam or ‘Konkur’.