Russia, Iran Team Up Against Flu

Russia, Iran Team Up Against FluRussia, Iran Team Up Against Flu

Russian developers of the ‘Grippol Plus’ flu vaccine have agreed on a partnership with Iranian counterparts who will localize production of the vaccine in Iran.

Russian pharmaceutical firm Petrovax and two Iranian manufacturers have signed an agreement to localize the production of the ‘Grippol Plus’ influenza vaccine in Iran.

The ‘Grippol Plus’ vaccine is given to children and pregnant women to prevent them falling ill with flu, and is sold throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States and in some EU countries, for example Slovakia.

After extensive testing in Iran, doctors there decided that the vaccine would be a welcome addition to their medical arsenal, and Iranian manufacturers of pharmaceuticals asked Petrovax for the right to produce the vaccine, Petrovax President Yelena Arhangelskaya told Sputnik.

“We made the first delivery of ‘Grippol Plus’ to Iran in 2015 and got positive reviews from Iran’s Ministry of Health and the relevant medical specialists. After that we got an offer from Iranian company Sobhan Recombinant Protein for the transfer of technology to produce ‘Grippol Plus.’”

“This is a new strategic direction for Petrovax Pharm, and strengthens our export potential. The importance for Iran is obvious — at the moment there are no locally-produced vaccines there.”

“We accepted the offer, and according to the terms of our agreement over the next three years there will be a gradual transfer of technology across the production cycle of the vaccine,” Arhangelskaya said.

“This allows Iran to increase the number of people who are vaccinated and gives the opportunity to add the vaccine to the national immunization program, as is practiced in many countries.”

Arhangelskaya said that Iranian experts from SRP will be in consultation with their colleagues from Petrovax at every stage of the localization process, after which the medicine must receive approval from Iran’s Health Ministry before it goes on the market.

She also revealed that Petrovax has signed two other agreements with SRP and another Iranian pharmaceutical company, by which Iranian manufacturers will help Petrovax to produce treatments for hepatitis and rheumatoid arthritis.

“SRP will transfer the technology to produce a hepatitis B vaccine in Russia, and so Petrovax will complete a similar process to acquire the production technology,” Arhangelskaya said.

“Another agreement has been signed with CinnaGen to transfer the technology to produce and license drugs to treat rheumatoid arthritis. This company has a wide range of medicine and if our first project proves successful we will definitely expand our cooperation.”