Clean Metro

Clean Metro  Clean Metro

The subway system in Tehran is efficient and clean, says a recent photo report by CNN. “Tehran’s subway system provides an excellent way for busy commuters to avoid the city’s congested streets,” says the report on Like much of the city, the subway system is covered in art installations. It has four lines and began operating in 1998 with three stations; there are now 95 stations throughout the city.  The subway network carries three million commuters every day, according to the Tehran Urban and Suburban Railway Operation Company. The metro is incredibly clean - no hardened gum, or even dust, to be seen. Not missing an opportunity, the subway’s handles double as ad space. The subway system has cell phone coverage both in stations and tunnels, the report highlights. Entrances to the metro stations may be crowded, but it’s nothing compared to the car traffic, reads a photo caption in the report.