No Building Activity in Nowruz

No Building Activity in NowruzNo Building Activity in Nowruz

All builders should stop their construction projects from March 16 till the end of the Nowruz (Persian New Year) holidays.  The measure has been taken for the first time to prevent noise and disturbances from construction activity in the interest and welfare of citizens during the holiday period.  According to published figures, in the current Iranian year (ends March 19), 12,917 construction permits were issued by the Tehran Municipality, Khabaronline reported. The first day of the new Iranian year starts on March 20 and the 13-day holiday period concludes on April 1, (13th of Farvardin, the 1st month of the Iranian calendar), which is observed as ‘Sizdah Be-Dar (literally: 13th in outdoors), a cultural tradition and part of the Nowruz celebrations when people spend time picnicking outdoors.