More Women MPs in New Majlis

More Women MPs in New MajlisMore Women MPs in New Majlis

The next Majlis, for which elections were held on February 26, shows women have made gains over the outgoing assembly.

So far, 14 women have won seats in the 10th Majlis, including 8 from Tehran. Eight women contestants will compete in the second round of the elections the date for which has yet not been announced, reports ISNA. This is the second time the elected legislature is seeing the membership of 14 women lawmakers. The fifth Majlis also had 14 women members. Over 580 women contested in the elections among the 4,800 candidates in the race. The number of registered female candidates for this year’s election was three times more than the number who registered in the 2012 poll.  The outgoing 290-member chamber has nine women.