Azeri Coop. in Natural Disasters

Azeri Coop. in Natural DisastersAzeri Coop. in Natural Disasters

Iran and Azerbaijan have signed a MoU on cooperation in the prevention, control and reduction of natural disasters. Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev who was in Tehran last week heading a high-ranking delegation, met with President Hassan Rouhani.   The 21-point MoU sets the legal framework for cooperation between the two sides with regard to crisis management and natural disasters.

Based on the MoU, the two countries will provide mutual assistance in the event of a disaster, Behnam Saeidi, spokesperson of Iran’s Crisis Management Organization told IRNA.

With similar climatic conditions, the occurrence of natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes is very likely in the two neighbors, he said.

The Republic of Azerbaijan has borders with Iran in the south and is one of the littoral states of the Caspian Sea.