580 Women in Parliamentary Race

580 Women in Parliamentary Race580 Women in Parliamentary Race

Over 580 women are running for the February 26 parliamentary elections among the total number of 6,200 candidates in the race. On Friday, Iranians will vote in two elections, one for the 10th round of the Majlis, or Iranian parliament, and another for the 88-member Assembly of Experts, the powerful body that appoints the leader. The outgoing Parliament comprises nine women and 281 men. So far, the number of registered female candidates for this year’s election is three times more than the number who registered to run in the 2012 poll.  Almost 1,300 women were among the over 12,000 enthusiasts who signed up this year for the legislative elections, before nearly more than half were disqualified after vetting by the Guardian Council – the body responsible for supervising the elections and approving all candidates seeking public office.  An unprecedented 16 women also registered to run in the Assembly of Experts, but were all found unfit by the council.