IRCS Hemodialysis Center in Tajikistan

IRCS Hemodialysis Center in TajikistanIRCS Hemodialysis Center in Tajikistan

A hemodialysis center will be set up by the Iranian Red Crescent Society in Tajikistan, said Shahabeddin Mohammadi Araghi, IRCS deputy for international affairs and humanitarian rights.

“The decision was taken after the Tajik side expressed the need and sought assistance from the IRCS,” he said, the Persian language daily ‘Shahrvand’ reported. The IRCS is already operating a clinic in the Tajik capital Dushanbe. Shipment of essential equipment and devices for the center is currently underway and it is projected to open in mid-2016. “In the first phase, the center staffed by local specialists, will start operating with five hemodialysis devices,” said Araghi. Some IRCS members will be assigned to oversee the activities.

A minimum fee will be charged for the services so the center can run without financial support from the IRCS.